dreams: October 14, 1998

showing "my" ID to get a drink

I'm going to a bar with John, Phoebe, and Troy. The woman behind the counter asks for my ID card in order to get in; I show her a card that Troy lent me -- it's his girlfriend's driver's license, with her picture (a latina woman with long curly hair). The woman who works here doesn't catch the deception. We all go into the bar.
John, Phoebe and I are sitting at the bar. I can't decide what I want to drink. I ask the woman bartender (who is in a room on the other side of the counter) to tell me about my choices. Together we come up with the drink I most want: cranberry juice, bubbly water and hard alcohol (gin, vodka, or something). She serves it to me in a big glass pitcher. I drink it all down quickly, enjoying the taste. Phoebe bought a few small liqueur bottles; they look like vanilla-extract bottles. I take a sip/whiff.

- FIN -

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