dreams: October 13, 1998

kiss the sidewalk in gratitude

I'm sitting in a rectangular room with a group of others. Each person is sitting in a space on the edge of the room, facing inwards, with our backs facing the walls. We are doing a group meditation. We are asked to sit and feel God, to feel true happiness.
We sit and get in touch with the Divine. Then, after a few minutes, we all get up and move one space over to the right, sitting back down again where the person next to us was sitting. I'm now in a stream of sunlight. At first I feel uncomfortable, like it's too bright on my eyes. Then I just feel it, and it's okay.
Madhu and Mani are here, across the room. There are several young boys on my right (kids). We get up and shift again. This time I'm on the next wall (perpendicular to the last one). I sit and feel total gratitude. Tears start streaming down my face. I'm silently sobbing out of sheer joy and thankfulness. My eyes are closed.
Then it's time to shift places again. I open my eyes and see that I can't move very far because we're now tightly jammed into the corner -- me and the little boys. I say, "Oh, we're getting kind of cozy here" to the older guy nearby. He takes it to mean something negative, but then I clarify by saying that I simply meant we don't have much space between us. "Oh, tight you mean." I say yes.
We all stand up. I'm walking down the street with some of the people from the group -- a couple of the young boys. We are in downtown Ashland, near the Mark Antony building. We cross the street. A little boy (looks a lot like Nino; maybe his is Nino) says he must kiss the sidewalk. He stops in the middle of the street and kneels down to kiss the asphalt, stopping all the oncoming traffic. We're in the force of God, practicing total gratitude for being alive, for having these bodies and surroundings and life. I am blissed out, dancing and twirling and crying. I'm looking around me, hoping everyone can take a moment to stop and thank God for what we have.
Then I'm drinking tea with Noli and Kathie Olsen.

impatiently enduring insanity

NEXT, I'm behind a crazy woman at an ATM money machine. She's taking a really long time, because every couple moments she stops punching commands into the machine and instead starts doing something else, like talking to other people around her. She's angry and insane. I'm getting totally frustrated having to wait.

an unspoken intimacy

NEXT, I enter a small house. It's only one room, like a mobile home. I'm with a male friend of mine; we're close, and I feel comfortable with him. He has the face of a Latin American, with dark skin and black hair. Then he turns into Geoff. He has just moved into this place. He lies down on the bed. I sit down on it. He's now under the white sheet, turning over onto his side, facing away from me. He is naked. I'm looking at his long, tan, skinny back. We have an unspoken intimacy between us, though we're not physically touching.

- FIN -

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