dreams: October 5, 1998

30,000 boyfriends and the love of the moon

I'm at a party. It's at Suji's house (but we're in my bedroom at John's house). Lots of friends from the D. works are here. People keep coming out of the closet. I realize that there's a hole in the closet that goes down into the basement. Suji is crying. Then she's talking about how she has had 30,000 boyfriends in the past, but none of them have been right -- until now. She's happy with her current relationship.
[Later in the night I'm suddenly awoken in a very gentle way. I simply open my eyes to the window to see the full moon looking right down on me. It seems to be communicating with me, sweeping a bright silver light down onto me. I feel God.]

- FIN -

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