dreams: October 4, 1998

rejected from the samba

I go into the Black Swan theater. I'm excited to see the play here, especially when I see Veronica down in the hallway next to the entrance. She's an usher, and she's dressed up in a grand samba constume, looking like Carmen in her colorful hat/headress. The play must have dancing and samba/salsa, I realize. I stand and chat with Veronica.
Then the chime suddenly rings. I must go get my seat! I'm going to be late. I dash into the door and see a bunch of empty seats in the first couple of rows; I'll just grab one of those and not worry about finding my assigned seat since I don't have time. But as soon as I step into the door, Veronica grabs me and pulls me back out into the hallway (a gesture saying Nope, you're too late). She then goes into the theater as the usher. I'm suddenly left in the hallway alone. The play has started, the doors are closed. I sink down against the wall and just sit, frustrated. I finally leave and walk back out onto the main street.

at war

NEXT, I'm going to a nightclub with Phoebe. We're looking at their song list.
Then I'm in a big body of water. A war is going on. People are trying to shoot us. Boris and Phoebe are here too. There are big orange floaty things around us. Our enemies are in the water too. We're in Vietnam or Japan or somewhere in Asia. I'm scared.

- FIN -

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