dreams: October 2, 1998

attacked for my femininity

I'm walking into a mini-market/grocery store. I'm naked. I see people looking at me kind of funny. Men are looking at my body. I don't think it should be a big deal -- this is just who I am, so why hide it? I forgot something outside, so I go get it. I decide to put something on before returning, so when I get back to the store I'm wearing clothes.
When I get to the cash register to pay, the guy behind the counter makes a joke/comment about how he knew I'd be "stupid." It takes a moment for it to sink in, but then I'm angry. I challenge him, telling him that I think it's totally wrong for him to have made that comment, especially since it was based on my gender, the fact that I'm a woman. I tell him I won't accept "sexual harrassment."
I walk out of the place. Suddenly a boy (wearing a supermarket apron, showing that he's an employee) comes running out of the store at full speed. He's coming after me. I run away from him, scared. He chases me. I know that he can't truly get me, for he's too immature. He finally catches up, tackling me to the ground. We violently wrestle around. The boy is trying to hurt me, and I'm trying to defend myself. I bite him.

- FIN -

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