dreams: October 1, 1998

the atom

[I can't put this one into words. I woke up with a very distinct feeling of an atom. One tiny particle in the center of a lot of space, with a sphere of energy around it.]

pulling out the pain

NEXT, There are lots of splinters/burrs stuck in my skin. They're very painful. I'm wondering if I have medical insurance to take care of it since an ambulance is now taking me to the hospital. I'm pulling out the things, one by one. They're all over my body. Some just look like faint dark hairs; when I touch them, they hurt like splinters. Then I pull one out and see that it's a thicker, dark, burr-like, scratchy, painful fiber hidden in my skin. I'm pulling them out. Each one is painful, but there's relief when it's out. There's a big one in my foot/ankle that is thicker than the others, and it is a light color. It looks like a wheat grain.

a hug with Braxton

NEXT, I'm staying at Braxton Reed's apartment with Phoebe and a friend. We're in Eugene, Oregon. I'm sleeping on a red fold-out futon in his living room. The next morning we're saying goodbye. Braxton and I hug. (He's like his young self: no facial hair, smooth bowl-cut red hair, short, soft, pudgy and sweet.) The hug is long. We talk about how both of us want to sit down and talk to each other sometime. He says he want to find out about my recent past love affairs. I say I want to hear about his. There are possible romantic undertones, but I don't know if I'm truly interested. I just like that he's interested in me.
We fold up the futon. He shows me the correct way since I did it wrong earlier.
Phoebe leaves. She and I have a long hug goodbye.

- FIN -

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