dreams: May 21, 1998

back in Sharples

I'm in Swarthmore's dining hall, sitting at a table with some friends. I just got there, and it's so crowded that I've decided not to eat. The lines going into the food area are way too long. But as I sit there I get more and more hungry; finally I realize I wouldn't mind waiting in line. I get up and walk over to the lines, grabbing a tray for myself.
Once I get into the room with food, I see that there are lots of little areas with bins of cereal, trail mix, chocolate-covered malt balls, candy, etc. But there's only service bar with hot food, and no one is in line for it. As I approach, Hondo shows up; I say hello (he shows surprise) and encourage him to go ahead. I serve myself rice, beans and potatoes in a little bowl. I then move on to find some veggies.
I run into Josh Jeska. I do a double-take, realizing that it's unusual to see him on Swat's campus. "What are you doing here?" I ask. He says he's just visiting for a little while. We chat for a few minutes and then go our separate ways.

- FIN -

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