dreams: May 25, 1998

consumption party

I'm in a huge auditorium. A party is happening. Lots of people are sitting at the tables, and many faces look familiar. I ask someone where they got their drink, and I'm directed to a little bar nook on the wall. When I approach, the guy working there says "Hi Maya. What can I get you?" I'm surprised that he knows me. He looks familiar from high school. I ask what he has to offer. He tells me about the drinks, describing one with orange juice and a "shot," which he points out in the blender (the "shot" is a dark syrup at the bottom). I realize that all the drinks are alcoholic, so I can't have any, though I feel a wave of temptation.
I see a bunch of glass cookie jars on some nearby shelves. There are lots of yummy-looking sugar and shortbread cookies in them. I try one. It's good. I grab some more and put them in my bag, looking around to make sure no one notices. A couple of the cookies are thick and heart-shaped. I take as many as I can.

- FIN -

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