dreams: May 16, 1998

caught in the moment

I'm lying in a bed. I'm turned on; I want to come. I have my hand between my legs and am jilling off. I see that there is a big window right next to my bed, down at a slightly lower level. I look out the window and see M.J.'s face. She is standing outside in a green yard that's very sunny. She is looking up at me. We make direct eye contact. I try to keep a straight face, but I instantly recognize that she knows -- she is aware that I'm doing something naughty, about to climax. The look on her face shows that the look on my face gave it away. I smile.

flooding anger

NEXT, I'm at Mom's house. I see water dripping down from the walls and ceiling and out of the cracks where walls meet floor. Pools of water are seeping everywhere. I yell for Mom to come look. It's flooding.
Then there is a lot of anger. A man is in the house. I'm scared. Someone (Mom?) is angry at him. She is going to inflict violence on him; she is going to kill him. I scream for her NOT to kill him. But she doesn't hear me in time, swinging an axe down into his head. She hears what I yell just in time to slow down the momentum of the axe so that it doesn't cut his head all the way off, instead gashing a deep diagonal slice into his face, towards the back of his skull. He's still alive, trying to talk. I'm glad she didn't kill him.

[Here I'm frightened enough to wake up. I look at the clock and see that it's 5am. I'm in San Francisco, at my aunt Linda's house. I look out of the bedroom's three big windows and see the gorgeous sparkling lights of the city down below. It's beautiful. I get up to go pee and then go back to sleep.]

rubbing Justin's back and then swimming

NEXT, I'm with a group of Swattie friends. We decide to do a group game/activity in which one chosen person is the center of attention, and everyone else focuses all their loving energy onto him/her by giving massage and touch. Justin Hall is first, lying down in middle of all of us. We reach out our hands and touch/rub all the parts of his body. Then I suddenly notice that I'm now the only person there with him. Everyone else left for some reason. I can't see his face because he's facing the other direction, away from me. He's not wearing a shirt, so all I can see is his bare back, which is tan, smooth and skinny. I massage his back with all my effort.
Then I'm in a huge swimming pool with my friends. We are all naked, skinny dipping. I swim to the side and sit on the steps. I recline out onto the ground, stretching my arms out behind me, bending back against the side of the pool. I'm content, happy with my body, proud of its beauty. I like how my breasts are out for everyone to see.
Then I'm swimming around the pool. We are all playing tag, having fun trying to swim away from each other. I stop in the corner with a girlfriend and try to strategize a way to escape "it" who is now approaching. We each swim in opposite directions to get away.

- FIN -

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