dreams: March 18, 1998

Phoebe's party preparations

Phoebe walks into the house with a group of her high school friends. They are all wearing extremely glitzy gaudy dresses, almost blinding me with the brilliant glitter and jewels. I see that everyone is also revealing a lot of skin, with sheer layers and open parts of their dresses to show bare body parts. Sarah Drescher walks past me, and I see that the back part of her dress is sheer black, showing her butt (wearing a black g-string). I'm kind of shocked.
I ask Phoebe what where they are going. She says it's a dance/party. She is wearing a baby blue sequined dress that clasps around her neck like a collar but has big slatted openings on her chest. She doesn't want to go to the dance. I'm mad at her for some reason. She's crying. Mom somehow gets involved. I'm frustrated.

- FIN -

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