dreams: April 13, 1998

wandering through a mansion & tossing tofu

I'm on a huge estate, wandering through various rooms of a mansion. Then I get an injury/illness of some sort (a pain in my foot?). It is serious and needs immediate medical care. I'm in the enormous building with a couple of other people, and we are trying to find a doctor to help me. We have talked to several practitioners, but none could do anything, merely referring me to others that are now hard to find. We go up to the second floor. There is an open section off the stairwell with tables and a buffet table full of meats. As we stand there, a man approaches and asks if we'd like to be seated. For a second I forget what we're looking for, and I wonder if we want to eat now. My friend tells the guy no, reminding me that we're not looking for food.
We keep going, trekking up many steps to get to the next floor. There are five stories in the mansion, and I'm afraid we'll have to go to the top. We walk down a hall. I peek in a door and see a class of students. It's dark in the room, and they're watching a movie. In the next door is a doctor. We go in. I explain the situation. He says he will help me, but only if I get my parents to okay it in person. I'm frustrated because it seems like total beauracracy. "Why?!" I ask, explaining that I'm "more than 18 years old." He says he needs their validation. I explain that they would "have to fly across the ocean to get here," since we are on a different continent (Europe?) than the U.S.. I look at one of my friends; she is an adult. I tell the doctor to use her as my parent, but he refuses. I'm frustrated.
Then I'm sitting at a dinner party with family and friends in a big warmly lit room with several tables. There is a short bannister/wall/fence (hip level) separating me from everyone else. It seems like I'm looking onto a TV or movie set. As I watch I get mad at them. I want to be part of their scene. I suddenly see BIG chunks of white tofu on the ground around my feet; I realize I want to disrupt the happiness of their party, so I pick up a cube of white jiggly tofu (that fills my hand it's so big, about the size of a softball) and throw it at the group. It bounces across a table, messing things up, which gives me a little satisfaction. I pick up a couple more cubes and hurl them at everyone. I can't stop. Nobody seems surprised, showing little reaction -- but they have enough annoyance to give me some resentful satisfaction. I see a particular man in his early 30s with light brown curly hair and a sandy-colored beard who is in charge of the whole function. He is who provokes the most anger for me. He picks up one of the cubes of tofu I've thrown and he pees on it! It turns yellow. He's going to throw it back at me. I run around the wall and enter the house; I'm scared. I sit down at a round table in the kitchen. I start to eat the food in front of me. The man is in here too. We talk. Miles is somehow involved.

- FIN -

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