dreams: March 16, 1998

social party scene

I'm standing in a parking lot talking to Mom. I have my eye on a nearby house, where I see Troy through an open door; I want to go see him. But first I have to listen to Mom give me advice. She's talking really loud, and I'm afraid that Troy can hear. Finally we say goodbye.
I walk over to the open door and enter the room. It's warmly lit and small, almost entirely filled by a large bed that's against two walls in the corner. I greet Troy, who has long blond hair pulled back into a ponytail. He's sitting on the bed. I talk to him as warmly as I can, putting on a pair of socks as I do it. He seems very apathetic, not really giving me any attention.
Then I'm upstairs in a loft; I can see down to the bed where Troy is lying. But now he is Tim Bragg, and a couple of girls have joined him (including Erica, the little pretty Swattie senior). There is a gathering up here in the loft, with lots of other Swatties. I sit down with a group of girls, friends I know. One of them is Jessica Howington, with her arm in a sling. I stack up a lot of pillows against a nook in the wall next to the girlfriends and lie down on them. We talk for awhile.
Then everyone is getting up to leave. The party is over. I look down and see that Tim is still on the bed hanging out with the girls.

- FIN -

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