dreams: March 15, 1998

rising water

I'm at the beach with a gorgeous young man. I have my camera, which I don't know what to do with since I want to go swimming. But there is not a shoreline of sand to put my stuff. The sea water juts right up against a stone cement wall that slants up a hill. The water is rising at a noticeable speed. I try holding the camera up above the water level, but the waves lap up my arm, soaking the camera's case. I swim over to the wall and tuck my camera into my bike helmet, putting it behind the wall under a bush on the dry dirt; I hope it won't get wet since I want to swim with my friend.

watching from above

NEXT, I'm in a hotel room that is my own (not shared). It's at the top of a tall building and is quite luxurious, with two huge beds and white lush decor. There are MANY windows; I look down outside at teh actions of the people walking on the street way below me. I see a woman and a man that look familiar, but I don't really know them. I know the guy's name is Jesse, so I call that name out loud. He looks up, so I duck down out of sight.
Then a little while later I see Erin Greeson walking down the street. She bends down to pick something off the street; she's wearing a short brown skirt and a french beret. I call down to her. She looks way up at me and waves. She is holding a green apple in her hand, and she lobs it up at me. But I'm too far up, and the throw doesn't quite make it, instead falling back down onto the sidewalk.
I look straight down and see other people leaning out of their balconies and windows in the same building, on lower floors. I see Abby Salerno leaning out of her veranda to look down at the street below. She is wearing a pair of brown pants. I drop a wrapper down onto her. She looks up. Then a moment later she shows up in my room. It's cool to see her. She's now wearing a skirt. She sits down next to me. Two guys are now also in my room -- my friends. I offer that they can stay here with me since I have two beds; I assume that they'll want to share one of the beds since they're a couple.
Abby asks why it's so dark. I realize that all the windows have drawn shades covering them. I start to open all the shades, letting the light flood the room. Abby tells me about her adventures here in this foreign city, pointing down to the lower level, where she lives with an older couple. She's been doing work for them.

- FIN -

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