dreams: June 23, 1998

a fatal train

I'm late for school. I need to get to Swarthmore, and the only way to do that is to take the train. I see that it's at the station. I hurry and pay for my ticket, slapping three quarters down at the booth. I sprint toward the train as it starts to pull away; I know I'm too late to get into one of the cars, but I grab onto a handle hanging off the side, trying to jump up into the door. My body is hanging off the side. I look ahead and see that we're approaching a tunnel. I wonder if I'm going to get smashed and die.

natural sweetness

NEXT, I'm with Phoebe in a natural health foods store. We're young again. She's pushing a cart. It's filled with jars of honey. I ask her why she got so much. She says that it came out of the bulk dispenser too quickly and she couldn't help it. She turns around to go see if she can put some back. I wander around looking at all the dried fruits for sale; each one has free samples. I taste a dried apricot. Then I sample a couple versions of yummy figs.

an old friend

NEXT, I'm back at Swat. It's the fall semester. I'm walking around campus. I see Laureen Laglagaron, who's been away for a really long time. She looks the same. We are happy to see each other, and we hug.

- FIN -

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