dreams: June 21, 1998

choosing my water

I'm in a supermarket. John (and Veronica?) are waiting for me outside. We're going to go on a trip. I need a bottle of water. I'm looking through all the choices on the shelf, trying to find the best kind for the best price. I'm taking forever, finding the whole thing difficult.

Hollywood lifestyle for a day

NEXT, I'm looking through a magazine and I see a gossip column with a picture of me in it. (But I don't look like me; I'm blonde and thin.) It's a report on an adventure I just had. I'm friends with an older woman. She's Brad Pitt's girlfriend, as well as a millionaire. One day she asked me what I wanted to do. I said I wanted to go to Disneyland. So she and I and another female friend dressed up in fancy dresses adn took her private jet to D-land for the day. In the article, we look like we're from the '80s. My older friend is wearing a sparkly, glittery, dark blue dress, and her dark hair is feathered back, Heathers-style.

- FIN -

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