dreams: June 20, 1998

defying high school mores

I'm on a property with lots of buildings that are still in construction. I enter one that just has a basic framework of some walls. The floor is still dirt. It almost feels like I'm on a farm. I really have to go pee. There aren't any bathrooms around. I see a toilet in the corner of the place. I want to use it, but other people are here, and there aren't any walls for privacy. I notice that the other people here are folks from high school -- the group of girls from my class that seemed to care about "popularity." (Rosie, Erin(s), some blondes, etc.) I think for a moment and then realize that I don't care what they think, so I march over to the toilet and sit and pee. I get up and flush. Jordan walks by. He tells me that he's going to registration and that he picked up my stickers for me. We walk to the next building together. I don't know what classes I want to take. One of my stickers says "Laureen" on it. I laugh, peeling it off. I stick it onto the middle of Jordan's chest, on his t-shirt, noticing his well-formed pec muscles as I do so.

- FIN -

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