Dreams: January 30, 1998

an escalator down Third St.

I'm back in Ashland, but it feels a lot different. All sorts of development has been done. There is a long escalator now built down 3rd Street, going at a really fast speed. I step onto the one on the left (the wrong one since it's coming towards me), and it ferociously spits me back onto the pavement, it's going so fast. I then get onto the other one, which brings me down the street. The steps are low, and the railing is a bright metallic bronze/copper. The whole experience is emotional for me. I miss my old Ashland, my old walks down 3rd Street.

men's relationships

NEXT, I'm watching a nearby man. I see another man put his arm on this guy's shoulder as a casual friendly gesture, but he doesn't like it. The man seems homophobic, afraid of touching another man in public. There are two other men standing next to them, and I can tell that they are a couple. The first man is explaining to them how he didn't want the second guy to put his elbow on his shoulder. Now everyone is laughing about it, and it becomes obvious that the first man is actually gay too.

I hug and speak italiano

NEXT, I am in the Sharples dining hall. Anna Winthrop's family is here, but they're getting ready to leave, heading out to Argentina or some other South American place. I get up to say goodbye to them. Anna has two brothers, both older than me. I have a crush on one of them; as we hug, I hold onto him a little too long. I then realize that he's gay, that I'm not desired by him in that way. It's a little disappointing, but I totally understand. I say goodbye to everyone else.
Chloe is standing nearby. She asks me if I'm going to Argentina with them. When I tell her no, she asks why not. "Perche non posso andare... yet," I tell her. She nods.


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