Dreams: February 2, 1998

remembering Cuban food with Noli

Noli just got back from her travels. She is showing me her photos. Some are from Havana, which gets me excited. I see pictures of the Malecon (the walkway along the ocean). I then see a photo of someone eating Cuban food: white rice, black beans, fish and plantain bananas. I tell Noli how I much I loved the food in Cuba; but she says that she didn't have very good stuff to eat when she was there. John comes in to look at the pics with us.

toothbrush galore

NEXT, I'm sitting with a group of people on the floor in a circle. We are doing a gift exchange, except that the presents are not from each other -- they are from someone who isn't here with us now. We are each holding a wrapped gift on our laps, and we pass them around until something makes us stop. Then we are all supposed to open the one we ended up with. My present is a tiny box of plain cheerios with an included toothbrush. Everyone else got chocolate and fun toys. We do the whole thing again with a new set of presents. This time I get another toothbrush with some toothpaste. Others get cool stuff. I'm kind of bummed. I tell the woman sitting next to me that I always get toothbrushes, no matter what; I now have tons of toothbrushes, and I can't stop bitching about it.


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