Dreams: February 3, 1998

ushering escapades

I'm ushering again for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. I'm in the outdoor theater, but it is now a large race track (like for track & field). The actor, a muscular black man in a Greek costume, is giving a dramatic monologue, standing on the grass in the middle. The audience is sitting in the bleachers.
All of a sudden a little old woman jumps down from the stand and runs across the track onto the "stage." She has curly white hair and is wearing bright red; she has a devilish smile on her face. I realize that it's my responsibility to make sure the patrons stay in their seats and don't disrupt the performance. Meanwhile I see that the actor is frozen in his speech, distracted by the woman. I rush out and redirect her back to the sidelines. Phoebe is ushering with me. She helps me with the situation.


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