Dreams: January 23, 1998

Phoebe & I are in danger

I'm in someone else's house. A young man owns the place. He's scary; right now he's somehow intoxicated (alcohol? drugs?), so he doesn't notice me, now in the other room. I suddenly realize that he's VERY dangerous, and that I shouldn't be here. Phoebe is here with me. Our stuff is spread oout all over the place. I know the man would freak out and possibly hurt us if he came out of his current state and saw our mess. I quickly start gathering up all my things, stuffing my clothes into bags. I tell Phoebe to do the same. She says she will but looks very relaxed about the whole situation. She doesn't realize how dangerous it is! I have to get out of here, ASAP. I grab all my stuff and walk out the front door, begging Phoebe to follow me right away. She says she will.
I leave. Outside a steep hill is right in front of the house. I run up it as fast as I can, but it's difficult. The ground is slippery dirt and rocks. I'm trying to hold onto all my things, but some clothes fall out of my arms. When I bend down to pick them up, I look back and see that a bunch of my photos spilled out of my butterfly baag and slid all the way down the hill to the bottom. Aack! I realize I cannot leave any evidence that I was here, so I set down my other stuff and go back, picking up handfuls of the photographs as fast as I can. Doing this, I see Phoebe come out of the house (which is now a ways away, across a dirt road below me). She's wearing a fancy red dress, and her hair is done up in an elegant bun on the top of her head. She's doing something funny in the front yard. It looks like she's burying some things. She's taking her time, and I think that she might have lied to me -- she isn't really going to leave. She was more concerned with getting ready for a dance or something. I am torn: part of me wants to go convince her to get out of there, but another part of me is terrified to go back. I decide to just leave, letting her fend for herself. I wonder if this decision is awful, putting myself before my sister. I finish grabbing my photos and head back up the hill.

talking to Aunt Lisa

NEXT, I'm in a house talking to Aunt Lisa. She's down, upset about some heavy important issues. I sit there listening to her, trying to understand.


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