dreams: December 14, 1998

an array of sweets

I'm at Haverford visiting Noli. I'm in the cafeteria, and it's stocked with desserts: cases of gourmet cakes, pies, cookies, etc. I even see a freezer full of ice creams, including Haggan Daaz chocolate bars, which amazes me. I'm going to eat one of those.

brilliant light of the sky

NEXT, I am standing outside. I look up at the sky, which is brilliant and gorgeous, full of colorful clouds and golden light. I'm with Phoebe. We are in awe. I see green streaks over me.

John's first gingerbread cookie

NEXT, I'm in a big kitchen with John. He takes a cookie from a package, saying he's never eaten a gingerbread cookie before. I look at the package because he says it has something to do with the Daime. It says "Three Donny Daime." Then I realize that the last word is actually something else.

- FIN -

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