dreams: December 12, 1998

Hawaii or Baki?

I'm facing a big decision for my future: whether to go to Hawaii or to Bali. I'm sitting next to a friend, a girl who looks like she's from Bali, with a wide face, dark skin and dark eyes. I tell her my dilemma. I call Bali "Baki." At that moment it seems clear that I'm going to choose the more exotic option and go international as long as I have the chance.

hug, pee, limp, dance

NEXT, I'm at a D. work. We're having a break. I realize I'm getting too distracted by my crush on Donny. It's taking me away from the force because I'm so infatuated with him.

Then I'm standing in the back. I see Adam Eisen. He has dark, straight, short hair that's sticking up and out in funny ways. I jokingly comment on it, but he takes it personally, getting offended. I say, "No, I'm kidding! Look, my hair is the same." We laugh and then hug. I can see Donny out of the corner of my eye sitting near us. My hug with Adam is big, tight and long. We spin around and around. I'm thinking to myself that our relations aren't quite the same as they used to be. Still good though. I know my hugs are firm. I'm the first to let go.

I take a break to go pee. I walk down the street to go squat in the grass. I'm carrying lots of stuff; it's hard to keep track of it all. I leave my keys in the grass. I pick them up but notice that two of the keys fell off the ring, so I kneel down to put them back on. I walk back up the sidewalk, yet it's very difficult because my right knee is injured, unable to bend. I'm slowly limping. Someone I know is walking down, approaching me. The look on her face is asking what I was doing. I point to my knee, then to my crotch (to signal that I was going pee).

When I get back up to the group, I put my bag and my towel over on the side. People are standing around talking. Everything seems rather chaotic. Some young people are disrespectfully dancing around in a circle in the back, singing "la la la la la la" in the smurf tune. The music is playing. Jonathan is at the front; in a big loud voice he says, "Okay people! Get in your places if you want the benefits of the force." He sounds like of angry. We line up, all facing the front. There are about four lines. I'm second to the front. Noli is in front of me. I see Rochelle walk to the back, so I lean over and offer her my position (since she has her star, and my place is closer to the front). She says no. She's not going to dance now. We start up. The floor is on a severe incline, tilting toward the front. It's hard to keep my balance. My legs keep getting tangled up with Noli's. There is a line of people in the very front facing the whole group. Jonathan says, "Okay, follow all the gay men in the first line." There is only one man in that line, and he starts dancing really really quickly. I can't keep up with his steps.

- FIN -

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