dreams: December 15, 1998

"suckled and weaned" like a baby

I'm in an open wooden house at night. All the women from the D. are here. We're doing a women's work. We're dancing, but not just back and forth -- in all sorts of moves. I feel like a nurtured baby here in this energy. I tell someone (Marie Bouman?) that I feel "suckled and weaned" here. I love our celebration of life with such a fervor.

drop the froo-froo

NEXT, Melina and Sierra are in a play. I'm watching. Melina dresses up in a huge costume that makes her invisible, totally covered. Then I'm driving a big van down "A" Street. I can't control it. I almost get in a few crashes. I don't have much sensory accuracy.

Then I'm standing on Third Street at night with others. We're in front of Liz and Jerome's house. Suddenly we are all going to give a performance. Another girl and I are supposed to be Wonder Woman and Super Girl. We have to go lift up a van from the street. First we change into short skirts in preparation. Then we agree that we're gonna be gggrrrr tough and strong, not froo-froo. We run out into the street. I'm wearing a lime-green skirt under a black miniskirt.

Then I'm in the living room at John's house, lying on the floor with Ned. Somehow he's seducing me into sex. Mom is somehow there too.

the Frantz family

NEXT, I'm at the Frantz's house, hanging out in the kitchen/living room with the family. Laura and I are laughing, enjoying being together. Her girls come in and out of the room (as does her husband Tom).

river adventures with the Hanzlik brothers

NEXT, I'm sitting in a living room with other people. There is a big space in the middle, opening up to many upper stories. I look up and see a bunch of women dressed in old fashioned (1800s) clothing; they're hanging off the railings of the balconies. There's a bin of oranges and peanuts. The nuts are almost gone. One orange looks like a piece of bread -- the same shape.

Then, I'm blasting full speed along a river. I go through land too, hoping that I won't cause the earth to come shaking down around me. I leave holes in the mountains as I go through them. I am now Alex H. My body is in the water, but I'm going through it at the speed of a motorboat. I look up at the riverbank (a tall steep slope of dark brown soil) and see a grey wolf running towards the water/me at full speed. At first I'm a little scared. Then I hear a narrator say that another wolf was doing the same thing downstream, around a curve. The two wolves meet together at the same place, bringing me (Alex) and a woman traveler to the same point. The woman is my ex-girlfriend.

Now we're on a small ledge that is on a cliff way above the river. The woman has spent a lot of time outdoors. She has a long, long, light rope ladder that she attached to the top of the ledge; it falls down to the water, where we left our belongings. She and I are both climbing the ladder. She's above me. She has huge muscled tan thighs and curly blond hair. Sue Bouman is with us too, along with Geoff. The four of us are perched up on the ledge. Sue says she needs her PJs, which are down below.

Now I'm reading a script of the same event. It is in the form of poetry, almost like rap or beatnik words. It describes how Alex (now called "Zym") and Geoff (now called "Blame") are doing a musical improv together, playing instruments and singing. The script also describes the two women's actions. Alex's ex-girlfriend's name is "Mim" and Sue's name starts with a "P."

Mim says that she doesn't have to wash her face when she's on trips like these since the experience and nature will naturally cleanse and purify her skin.

- FIN -

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