dreams: December 6, 1998

please tell me when I need to be with the group

I'm hanging out with a group of friends. We are in some program together. Cole Schnitzer is here, as well as Ina, Noli and others. Somehow I overslept, and I'm late to the program. I can't find my group and don't know where I'm supposed to be. I see people across a small meadow near some trees. That's my group, I realize. I'm frustrated that nobody told me when I should have gone. Why didn't anyone wake me up? I feel isolated and agitated.

I am making a sign to express my feelings and to remind my groupmates to let me know next time. I'm using big pens and a large white posterboard. The block letters are artistic and colorful: "PLEASE TELL ME when I need to be with the group," etc. I'm going to give it to them.

- FIN -

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