dreams: December 5, 1998

the gender balance of yin and yang

I'm in a room with other young people, both male and female. The group feels like a jock high school crowd focused on social dynamics. A blond girl (high school age, who looks familiar, like I know her from Ashland) is talking to the group, the boys in particular. She's somehow making generalizations about girls, acting out the part as she speaks. It provokes anger in me. I see her as so ignorant: a sad case of not being in touch with herself, only a molded product of the environment around her.

I speak up, telling her that not all girls are what she's talking about. As I tell her, I see that she's VERY tall -- much taller than I thought earlier. She's standing next to me, towering over me, very tall. She's wearing a purple shirt and she has pale straight hair.

I turn around and address everyone else too. As I walk across the room (toward the kitchen), I explain that gender does not define as much as they think. Just because someone is a girl doesn't mean she is soley feminine. "Both men and women have a balance of yin and yang," I tell the jock boys. I'm assertively questioning their gender beliefs, not afraid to show my own force, which feels masculine in the moment.

- FIN -

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