Dreams: September 23, 1997

dirty computer

I am at home in Ashland. My computer is here. I go sit down at it. It is filthy dirty; I see that Phoebe has been using it. There are cigarette ashes all over the keyboard, which makes me very angry.

Cedar & Kristi doing kereoke

NEXT, I'm driving up through Ashland's downtown plaza area. There is a big festival going on. I see Cedar Brown and Kristi Hennan standing up on a brown stage in front of Chateaulin. They are doing kareoke, singing into microphones.

hooking up with D.

NEXT, Then I am with a group of Ashland friends, hanging out. D.K. comes up to me from the back, putting his arms around me. It feels totally comfortable, and I'm glad to have him as a friend. We start touching each other, totally naturally and comfortably. We then lie down on the floor together. I start giving him a backrub. Then our clothes come off. It's not sexual, although there are plenty of strong undercurrents; I'm massaging his whole body. We are both totally naked. I wonder if he has a hard-on, but I don't look. He's flexible, lifting up a leg at certain points. I turn him over onto his stomach, sitting on his legs. Then I scoot up to his butt, telling him that I thought for a minute that he had a really long back. As we both are there naked, I wonder if anyone from his family is going to walk into his house. That would be an awkward situation. I'm happy to be this comfortable with D., realizing that it took years of spending time together as friends.

Somehow I am now wearing clothes again. I go into another room and see Abby Salerno. We are talking, and she takes me to her house for some coconut milk. It sounds good, we both agree. Once there, I realize that I didn't say goodbye to D. and hope he'll be okay without closure. Abby and I are now standing in a little kitchen that her and her boyfriend Erik share, with her family living on another floor. She opens the refrigerator and pulls out the coconut milk, asking me to scoop some out of the container. It looks like ice cream. Then she pulls out a big bowl of guacamole. It all looks really good to me.

Then she offers to take me to a nearby favorite restaurant of hers, excitedly calling it "really bad Chinese food." We go there, driving through L.A. The restaurant is really tacky. There are gruff-looking Mafia men standing around, and I can tell that some dangerous transaction is taking place.


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