Dreams: September 21, 1997

John's bias

I'm with a couple of friends. We are leaving to go somewhere else, saying goodbye to John. I give him a big hug. He hugs my friends too, one of whom is a black girl my age. When she goes to hug him he pushes her away, putting his hands on her shoulders with his arms extended. She tries to hug him, as she saw him do with all my other friends, thinking he's joking around. But John is serious. I'm appalled by his racism.

trouble getting nourished

NEXT, I'm sitting at a table in a room with friends. There are several big tables. We've all ordered food. It's in someone else's home. I look out and see that everyone else now has what they had ordered: lots of colorful veggie dishes on huge plates. They look warm and Indian. I am waiting for a salad. The guy who owns the house is standing up, taking care of a dog and a baby. He mentions going out to get something. I assume he'd pick up my salad too. I'm hungry, so I snack on the bread in front of me.
I get up and look at the counter in the kitchen. There is a big bowl of toasted pieces of bread in all different types. I eat some because I'm now starving. I finally ask the guy where my salad is; he points to a bowl on the counter. It's mine. I sprinkle some grey uncooked sunflower seeds on it. I pour on so many seeds that they totally cover and bury my salad. I mix them in and then add even more.


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