Dreams: September 17, 1997

waking up in Miles' house

I'm in Miles' house. It is early morning, right before everyone is about to wake up. I got up for some reason, dragging all my covers around the house with me. I turned on the lights before, and now I'm trying to turn them back off. All the lights are on in the hallway. I can't find the right switches to turn them off. Miles gets up. He helps me turn off some of the lights. Mimi and Scott then get up. I feel silly holding all my covers.

the power of food

NEXT, I'm at a restaurant. Lots of food is laid out as a buffet. A young man is with Mom. He's kind of obnoxious but interesting (like Matt Robison). I want to eat the food that is out. A person at my table says something about the power of the food; it makes me want to cry it is so true.


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