Dreams: September 4, 1997

diary-reading party

There is a big party at my home in Ashland. Lots of people are here. They are gathered in a large group in the living room, sitting around in a circle. I'm in the middle, trying to organize a group game, explaining the rules. Every person has a book in his or her hands. I say that the person in the middle of the circle reads from their book, and then the person with the corresponding line (from their own book) would quickly come into the circle. Cole S. arrives with some others.

I look over at a couch against the wall; I see Mom sitting there as part of the circle. Her book, which she is now looking through, is my diary! This observation is rather unsettling. Other people also have my journals. I wonder to myself if they will read them, and, if so, what will they think?

Suddenly there is no circle anymore. Everyone is standing up, and the room is packed full of my guests. I'm standing near a wall, talking to Tai DeVore. Phoebe is here too.


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