Dreams: September 25, 1997

a marital dispute

I'm sitting in a hallway. There is all sorts of paper stuff spread out across the floor in front of me. I borrowed a pair of scissors from Claudio and Franca, who are now in the room next to me. I hear arguing. I get up and go down the hall to a nearby bathroom. From inside I can hear their loud voices; it sounds like physical abuse is happening. I hear other people out in the hall trying to decide if they want to do anything about it. I don't want to deal with it.

touring a ketchup factory

NEXT, I'm with a group of friends my age (the Pitzer program group?) in some new city. We are sitting around in a hotel room trying to decide what to do. Someone points out a possible night activity they see in a tourist brochure: touring a Heintz ketchup factory that's in the city. My friend (Erin Greeson?) shows me the 1-800 phone number to call for more information. I call and get a woman's voice message that asks the listener to leave a message and they'll call back. I leave a message, explaining that I'm with a group of young friends and we want to do something fun, thus we want more information about the ketchup factory.

shopping with Roxeanne in Italy

NEXT, I'm in a little shop in Italy, up at the cash register. I'm with Roxeanne (but she is now named Jessica), and she just bought something. We are talking, joking, and I call her a liar (kidding). Then, pointing to something on the counter, I ask "Quanto costa?" to the older woman behind the counter. She names a really expensive price -- double what "Jessica" paid. The woman is angry at me for calling my friend a liar, so she's charging me a lot. I'm frustrated.


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