Dreams: October 8, 1997

a pilgrimage with Dolly Parton

I am outside, on the upstairs deck of John's apartment in the backyard. It is on the side facing the alley, and it looks just like the big porch at Mom's house. It is summer, the weather warm and sunny. Lots of flowers and potted plants are out on the deck. I hear rushing water. I look and see a hose turned on full blast. A huge stream of water is blasting out of it. I wonder who left it on, and why? I go pick it up. The water blasts up in a steady stream over the porch. It sprays into the house even, through the open glass door.
Then, John and Phoebe and I are going on a trip. It is a pilgrimage with Dolly Parton. I see her in the alley wearing an all-white glittery cowgirl outfit. John and Phoebe are sitting in the maroon Toyota truck; they're waiting for me. I'm supposed to load our baggage into the trailer that is attached to the truck. I put in some bags and close the trailer door. "What about the baggage on the stairs?" one of them asks. I look over and see a bunch of bags/luggage on the stairs up to the porch. I'm frustrated that they aren't helping me.


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