Dreams: October 6, 1997

a journey into la cucina in a gondola

I'm in a gondola with a bunch of friends. Then it turns into a big yellow inflatable raft. We hit a shallow part of the water, near the sandy short (of a river?). We quickly try to get it back into deep water.

Then we are in a kitchen, still on our journey. An old man is with us. I watch him pour himself a big glass of creamy eggnog. I want some at first, but I remember that I don't eat sugar.

Derek Keevil and another young man are making some dish. Derek says that it's beef, but it looks like fish. It is a huge piece of meat in a long, white, porcelain bowl. He's taking it out of the oven to serve; but it doesn't look ready. I can see the inside, and it looks cold and pink. The broth juice looks good though. They offer me some, so I go looking through the cabinets for a bowl.

line dancing with high schoolers

NEXT, I'm in a big room with lots of people. We are all in a line. People are pairing up to dance. It is a choreographed number that I feel like I am supposed to know already. But I don't. I turn to my right. Clair Vukavich is there. We make eye contact, acknowledging that we can be partners. I look right past her and see several young guys standing around, not knowing what to do. They remind me of awkward middle school years; they are wearing baseball caps and are trying to look cool, but really they just look young and insecure. Maraya Kennedy is standing there with them. When they see me looking at them, they realize that they need to participate in the dance too, so a taller guy quickly grabs Maraya, and she grabs him back, both of them acknowledging that they'll be together.

artistic pornography

NEXT, I'm looking at a foreign strange artistic magazine. It's big, the size of an Interview. An almost-naked young man is on the front. He's buff, with long hair and primal cream-colored fabric wrapped around his body. He is grabbing his penis, which is very large. The inside photos are also intriguing. I remember that J. has some more magazines in her closet; they are pornographic. I want to see them. Someone tells me that I can go get them, but first I have to get "___" (some long word about dinosaurs and DNA or something) for J. I try to go figure out how to get it for her.


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