Dreams: October 9, 1997

saving Elliot in a tunnel

I am underground, in a tunnel full of water. The rush is very strong, like a river. I'm going down with a group of people my age. I'm wearing a swimsuit. It's like whitewater rafting, except we're not in rafts -- we're just floating down on our butts. I'm getting an adrenaline rush because it is scary and exciting.
Part of the run has a low ceiling and a very small gap between the steep waterfall/river and the top of the tunnel. I look up and see Elliot on the side, lying up on a high ledge. He looks knocked out, unconscious. I quickly yank his body down, catching it (for fear that he'll drown when the water rises). I carry him to a safe place (he doesn't feel too heavy to me), and with the others, we bring him back to consciousness. He's okay. I'm glad I got him in time.


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