my thoughts on caffeine

June 28, 1996

I normally don't drink coffee cuz I don't want to be a caffeine-junkie like some people I know.
They need a cup o'java or 2 to keep their energy going, and I never want to be dependent on a substance like that. But I do love the taste of good coffee, especially mixed with mexican chocolate. A couple days ago I treated myself to an iced mocha at the Key of C (a great little coffee/bagel shop in town) in the morning. It was delicious, but I guess my body's sensitive to caffeine because I could feel the effects until I went to bed that night. Bzzz... Then I also had a decaf mocha at work last night.
I noticed that the caffeine (even in the decaf mocha) affected my dreams, because they had an unusual lack of details. I had trouble remembering much of anything about my dreams the next mornings. That's why I haven't posted my dreams from the last couple nights. I'm gonna try holding back from the java for a while to see if my rich dreams resume.

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