Swarthmore History

photo courtesy Friends' Historical Library

A sporadic series of articles, mostly written for The Phoenix

The Great Fire
Trotter Hall: The Story of a Building
The Cunningham Building: Swarthmore's Other Observatory
Swarthmore's Fraternities in their Heydey
The Strange History of the Temple of the Book and Key
The Campus Which Never Was Written for the Alumni Bulletin
Swarthmore and the Chinese Navy
The First Admission of Negro Students to Swarthmore
How WSRN began
Swarthmore and the National Student Association Written for the Alumni Bulletin.
The Crisis of 1969
How Co-ed Housing came to Swarthmore
Overcrowding at Swarthmore Written by Dave Mimno, with help from me.
The Ashton House Community Housing Project Written by Dave Mimno, with help from me.
The History of the "Screw your Roomate" Dance
The Largest Room in Parrish Written by Elisabeth Newcomb, with help from me.
Vanished Buildings
About these articles

Unless otherwise noted, I researched and wrote these pieces.
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