I have found the ability to reflect on my teaching and learning to be a cyclical process. My reflections

often affected the next day's teaching, and thus more reflecting, which also provided a new topic to

reflect about. I have come to believe that this process of reflection has helped me grow both as a

learner and teacher, and I will always value the self-reflection process. It provides a venue for me to

self-evaluate, raise awareness of important issues, encourage my own intellectual curisioty, and

keep my learning/teaching dynamic. Reflecting about everything from classroom management to the

community of the school, I have included a selection of reflections that encapuslate some of my

thinking throughout mystudent teaching experience. Please click on the links above to read!


Elisha Ann's Student Teaching Portfolio


Narrative Reports    Observations    Theory of Instruction Revisited    

On Being Explicit      A 3 Minute Train Ride