So here's the thing. I worked at Blockbuster on and off for three years. Most of these years were included in high school and were originally centered around the need to make enough money to get myself to Italy the first time. And then I kept it up because I know the job backwards and forwards and could do it in my sleep (you think I'm kidding). The nice thing about working at the second two Blockbuster stores that I did (there was a total of three) was that no one ever came in. So I spent long hours reading magazines (all of them) or walking aimlessly around the store making lists such as these. And there was the discount of which I took liberal advantage. I ended up with "Claire's list of good movies", a loose rip off of AFI's 100 best but with less prestige, and a pretty good collection of movies of my own. So enjoy the lists. Suggestions are welcome, but I promise nothing. It is the ways of things.

Movies I Own

Favorite Movies


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