The Anglo-American Project in Pompeii (or AAPP) was a field school and archaeological excavation in the ancient city of Pompeii that I participated in from 2001 to 2006. Begun in 1995, Rick Jones of the University of Bradford and Damian Robinson of Oxford, the Project directors, lead a team that grew to over 100 in the excavation of Regio VI, Insula I, the most northern city block of Pompeii. The Project was investigating the inception and development of the block as a whole through to its final phase. We begin at the final phase level of the block, approximately floor level of the buildings when the volcano buried the city in 79AD. Excavation uncovers changes in spacial division, use of that space, and how the spaces were developed over time. For more information on the Project, click on the tiger up top.

Meanwhile, I archived all of the non-archaeological goings on of the project here. In the space of six weeks, a good deal of hilarity rears its... hilarious head and I wrote it down. Or photographed it. Or something.


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