Many many quotations, organized by first letter of last name, mostly, according to how people are listed in the Swarthmore library database (Charles de Lint, but Antoine de Saint-Exupery). "Other" is anything that couldn't be easily classified—bits of dialogue, people without namey sorts of names, random fortune file things; "Proverbs and Sayings" are just that. These are the quotations I use as .sigs. Some of them are from famous people, some from not so famous people. (If there's a year number after the name, it's a Swattie.) If you think I've misattributed a quotation or you spot a duplicate, please tell me.

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Coming soon: quotations grouped by subject.

And, not grouped by subject but by source, are quotations from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel, organized by season and episode. Many more pretty color schemes here, I promise, plus many very funny quotes.

And if this just isn't enough, my friend Jennifer also has a quotes page, including my favorite part (no, not just because I'm quoted the most), "The Things Swatties Say". David Bing's webpage also includes most of the things those crazy people who lived on ML 2nd last year had put up on their quote board in their lounge.