Swarthmore College Computer Society


We're a collective of student volunteers who maintain digital services for Swarthmore students, staff, and alumni.

Have a problem? Contact us at staff@sccs.swarthmore.edu.


Server Migration Complete

SCCS has just migrated from our old server Gwaihir, to a terrific new server called Ibis. There may be some loose ends from this migration. If run into any problems, please email staff@sccs.swarthmore.edu. Otherwise, enjoy a faster and more secure experience.

Game pit is open!

This means that you can now chill in the pit alone or with friends. Come and play the games we have! If you have any questions, please ask us at staff@sccs.swarthmore.edu.

Heron Migration

We recently migrated Heron, our login server! This means a few things:

  1. The SSH key has changed (the new fingerprint is 71:20:a6:91:e0:f7:7b:50:70:64:8b:58:46:53:f6:95).
  2. Some software packages may be missing (email us; we’re happy to reinstall them).