p a s t i c h e
p e r s o n a l i t y

"The pastiche personality is a social chameleon, constantly borrowing bits and pieces of identity from whatever sources are available and constructing them as useful or desirable in a given situation."
--Ken Gergen, The Saturated Self, p.150

An unfathomable deluge of reconciliatory notions are attempting to subvert the totalizing point of view of the dominant consumer-corporate culture into legitimate pluralism, parallel to the dissipation of totalizing principles, as the restrictive box of immutable boundaries is fracturing and expounding upon transcendental properties, which allows another multiphrenic facet of existence (postmodernism's answer of interdependence) to become paramount as a proactive role in progressive development, so the shift to "flexible accumulation" develops the correlations between consumer demographics and conspicuous political power; therefore inocuous human agency is vital in this architectural scheme -- an emerging contemporary economic society of revitalization, viability of investments, and exaltation of the nation -- yet subscribership is unfathomable, since any separate entity from the technological development (the diligent observer) causes civic unrest to proliferate, as the electronic realm structures a volition which subordinates persona to personality.

* * *

This is a stolen annendum. All the above words and phrases are taken directly from my classmates' reflection papers of this semester, collaborated into a senseless sentence that is meant to be symbolic of the multitude of intellectual words we can use to sound like we belong within the academic construction of Swarthmore's institution. Here, as a writer, I am an example of a pastiche personality.

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