As the distinction between the substance and form of the self blurs into a hazy middle-ground, I'm left with a question: where is the soul?

We are aimlessly wandering around a candy store, grabbing at all the sweets of self-gratification. Layers and layers of sugary falseness cover our skin until we can't remember what is underneath. I can be lemon, chocolate, coconut, strawberry, caramel, and peppermint all at once. Suck me! When someone else refuses to stick out his/her tongue to lick up our manufactured tastes, we are forced to either escape or to rethink the source of our flavors. In this state, it can be too much of a challenge to face the truth of our core existence. stretching the self

"In the presence of a person who is real, you take off your veils of illusion. The other person doesn't have to tear them off. You just automatically drop them, either that, or you have to get out of their presence.
"This is what I want from my relationships. I want the freedom to be who I am and I want you to be free to be who you are, and I'm not going to try to push you into thinking or feeling the way I do... It's soul meeting soul. And that's what I'm after: getting closer and closer to that essence, taking away veil after veil."
--a woman interviewed in The Feminine Face of God

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