My Journal
March 16, 1998

I'm at home for spring break. The last day or two I've had repeated hallucinations: the little mindtrips that unexpectedly pounce on me. They have been pretty disorienting, and I can't find one linking variable for what might cause them.

I had one on Friday, right before my mountain bike ride. Then I had four yesterday: one when I first woke up, then one when I was sitting in the living room, then another when I was at the Varsity watching a movie, and then the last one at Geppetto's, sitting at the table in the front window. All were quite disorienting. They had a dulling, confusing familiarity. Mom and John hypothesized that it could be some form of epilepsy. I'm interested in doing research to figure it out.

I had another quick mindtrip this morning when I was on the computer at John's house. It was weird because right after it happened, I couldn't remember how to copy my document from a floppy disk to the hard drive -- a very easy and well-known procedure that I've done many times. It took me a little while to come back down to a state of clarity in order to remember how to copy the paper. The experience had a lasting effect. Weird stuff.

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