Dreams: June 28

I'm outside with Aaron W., and it's pouring rain. We find refuge in a building. We are soaking wet, dripping with water.

NEXT, I'm on a school bus, in the front seat. I notice the bus is packed full of young kids (elementary or middle school age), and we seem to be on a field trip. I'm sharing Mexican food with Noli (who later turns into John). I'm eating rice and beans, and I see nachos on the seat next to her, as well as a big burrito. I really crave the burrito, but for some reason I have to find my own seat before I can have the food. I look at the seat behind the front one; there are two kids sitting there, but I kick them off so I can sit there. Later I see Mrs. Van Dyke (a teacher I had in 7th grade). We haven't seen each other for a long time, so we hug.

NEXT, I'm talking to M. She has longer hair and looks very stylish, wearing a black designer dress that's long and slim. It has an open criss-cross back. I notice that I'm wearing a cream-colored floral dress that's light and summery. Suddenly I'm crossing "B" Street at the corner of 3rd St. For some reason I have to walk through a car to get to the other side of the street. My head is sticking through the open sun-roof. I notice there's a young black man sitting in the back seat. I wonder how much he can see since my dress is so open. I climb out of the car.
Now I'm back with M., listening to her tell me about her sexual relationship with her husband, F. She tells me how she can't always handle the level of his lust. She shows me a page that has a print-out of his daily desires -- what he wants and how many times he wants it. The numbers seem high (6, 7, 4, etc.). F. now seems very sexually appealing to me. The thought of him really turns me on.
Suddenly I'm in a room alone with F. I'm on my back on a bed or desk, with my legs wrapped around him. He's on top of me and we're kissing. He's wearing a shirt, which I stick my head under. I slowly take off the shirt, running my hands up his chest.


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