Dreams: January 8

Mexican film noir

I'm with Mom. We are going to visit one of her friends: a rich man who lives in a mansion. I'm walking around this huge house; I wander into a room. A guy is there (the friend's brother or uncle or something). He seems kind of weird, like a mental disorder case, locked away in the depths of the house. He's watching TV. I sit down to watch it with him. A naked young man and woman are on the screen. He tells me it's a film he made. Aha! I now see that he directs/produces porn movies. I reach over and grab the erection of the guy on the screen (somehow it becomes 3-D, as if TV and real life are not differentiable). Then I just hold the dick in my hands as the director asks me if I would be in one of his films. Then the image on the screen changes to a woman's belly. It suddenly has the image of a huge open mouth with sharp teeth transposed over the stomach. (It looks like the "Neurotica" artist, J.D. ___.) It is very surrealistic and bizarre. The guy tells me it's "Mexican film noir."

urban train station

NEXT, I'm in a huge city train station. I'm in a bottom level, underground. Looking up, I can see the other levels. Ornate concrete arches are at the top of the very high ceiling. Noli is there with me.

short-lived hot tub enjoyment

NEXT, I'm in a 7-11/minute market/bank with a group of people. The place has a little loft on the second floor with two hot tubs. The weather is really cold outside, so these tubs are perfect. We're all relaxing in them. Then suddenly we are forced to get out for some reason -- to escape something. I run outside with some other people. There is a big grassy pasture in front of us, lined by fences. Something is chasing us; we run diagonally across the field.


NEXT, I'm standing in front of the Varsity Theater in Ashland. There is a crowd milling around on the sidewalk. I look up and see Troy on the other side of the crowd. He doesn't see me. I just silently watch him as he looks at the movie posters, walking through the crowd of people. I do not take my eyes off him for a moment, yet he never looks at me.


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