Dreams: January 5

playing doctor

I'm Phoebe's bedroom upstairs in John's house. A young woman is there with me. She has short black hair and a petite body. Her looks and mannerisms are very butch. It's my job to seduce her. She's stretched out on her back on the bed next to the wall and window. She is wearing a velvet purple leotard and black tights. I see that the tights are actually just thin tight leg-warmers that are pulled up as high as they can go. I am sitting on the bed between her legs, and I slowly roll down each leg-warmer, one at a time. I'm trying to get myself excited, but it just isn't working. I'm NOT turned on at all, even though I think I should be.

back to middle school mentality

NEXT, I'm in an elevator in a hotel. Somehow I feel like I'm back in time, sometime in my middle school years. The hotel is huge. I walk out into a hallway looking for a room. I see the door to a suite and know I've found the right one. Amber, Tia and Holly are staying here together. I knock on the door. I can already feel the awkward tensions of these friendships. Someone opens the door. S.H. is inside, in the middle of the room. She's getting ready for some big event, looking at herself in a big mirror on the wall. Everyone's watching her. I watch from where I'm standing in the hallway. S.H. is wearing a big silver/white haired afro wig (like Marlene Dietrich's "Hot Voodoo" number in Blonde Venus) and a tight minidress. Her breasts look abnormally huge, like she's stuffed her bra. The skirt is so short that I can see her legs up to the top. Her thighs are pasty white and pudgy, but she's not afraid to show them.


NEXT, I'm in the middle of the woods, but it's all subtly cultivated by humans. (There are pathways, stairs, etc. tucked into the brush and trees.) I'm with a small group, and we're trying to decide what kind of tent to use and where we should pitch it. We are all walking around trying to decide. Matt Miller is leading it. I see a tiny tent. Someone suggests combining it with another.


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