Dreams: February 22

weird ammunition

I'm running along a riverbank, being chased by a big group of wild kids of all ages. Another similar group is chasing that group. It's all a wild game (reminding me of Lord of the Flies). Suddenly everyone is gone. I'm all alone, walking along the riverbank, picking through the trash and trace of their path. I get to a spot where there are a couple bright, unrolled condoms scattered on the ground like uninflated balloons. I bend down to pick them up (to get rid of the litter) and notice a few more. Then I see that there are a whole bunch of colorful condoms all over the ground -- pink, yellow, blue, green, purple. They're clean and dry.

overwhelming work & high school memories

NEXT, I'm walking with a huge heavy backpack on my back. I'm thinking about all the schoolwork I have to do this week and feel very overwhelmed. Too many big papers. How am I going to manage? Then I start looking through the latest Ashland High School yearbook. Phoebe is in lots of the photos, which amuses me since she graduated last year. I realize that she went back as a counselor or something. A composite of Jenna/Holly Berman is also in a bunch of the pictures.
I'm in a cafeteria. I see a frozen yogurt dispenser. I notice that it actually dispenses a log of oreo cookies, smashed together and covered in chocolate fro-yo. ______ (what's-his-name from A.H.S.) is sitting a table nearby with a group of his friends. He gets up to try some oreo log.


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