Dreams: February 21

Mom can't pick me up anymore

I'm in Bi-Mart, shopping for Pantene hair conditioner. I'm the last customer here. The place is about to close. There's a phone behind the checkout counter, and I'm using it to talk to Mom. She was going to pick me up after I was done shopping, but now she's making excuses why she cannot. The phone goes dead a couple times, and I have to keep calling her back. I get frusterated. The next time the phone goes dead in the middle of our conversation, I decide not to call her back. I realize that I'll have to go out on my own, that I can't rely on her to pick me up. I ask the women working behind the counter to "tell her I've already left if 'Lynn' calls." They agree to do that. I leave the store.
Now I'm at the end of my walk home. I'm on 3rd St., near John's house, almost to the alley. Suddenly a pre-teen boy rides up toward me on his bicycle. He has bright red curly hair. "Hey, are you Eli and Noah Lieberman's younger brother?" I shout to him. Yes, he tells me, pulling up and stopping his bike next to me. He sticks his hand out to me, and we shake hands as we introduce ourselves. He tells me I have a nice smile.
Then I'm retelling the Bi-Mart story to John and Phoebe, explaining how I had to walk all the way home. It makes me mad at Mom again. The phone rings. It's Granddaddy. He starts describing a nice tropical vacation spot, inviting me to go with the rest of my relatives in the spring. I tell Granddaddy that I can't even think about it right now. I'm too consumed with my issue about Mom. I proceed to tell him the Bi-Mart story. He says he already knows about it, and that she is nowhere to be found. Mom ran away and nobody can find her.
Next, I'm in a classroom. It's dark, except for the beautiful wood seminar table that's warmly lit in the center of the room. Herrin is sitting at the table, as well as Phoebe. We are about to have class. There's an audience sitting against the walls of the room, hidden by shadows. We're on stage.


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