Dreams: December 18

a barter fair with West coast energy

I'm at some barter fair event, walking through the outdoor booths with food and crafts. I see Maiah and say hello. Then I keep walking. I stop at a booth with yummy-looking samples of bread with feta cheese and tomatoes. When I taste one I almost spit it out, for it doesn't meet my expectations at all. Too soggy and flavorless. I move on to the next booth that also has food samples. The woman who owns the booth is in her 20s and very pretty. She compliments me on my overalls. I thank her. I look down, and sure enough I'm wearing a pair of baggy overalls. I also have bare feet. Then somehow we start talking about my friends. She asks if I "switch roles with my friends," but I don't hear her question this way at first, answering: "Yes, my friends and I switch bras all the time." She nods her head. But then I realize that I just made that up to answer her question (which wasn't even her true question after all).
I decide to continue through the fair, so I start walking through the crowd. An old man is making money by performing as a magician. He steps in front of me with an enthusiastic look on his face, but I'm not in the mood to watch or pay him money. So I bruskly push him out of the way. Seconds later I regret being so rude and realize that it'll be a mark against my karma. "Damn!" I think to myself, "I need good karma!"
I hear Phoebe's voice behind me. I excitedly turn around. Sure enough, Phoebe is right behind me! She's wearing a richly-colored chestnut-brown sweater, and her hair is a nice brown color, pinned halfway up in a barrette. We hug. It's been a long time since I've seen her. "You're amazing, Weebs," I tell her. Then I realize that it made her uncomfortable for me to tell her that to her face. She smiles, but the energy is somehow awkward between us for a moment. I see that I shouldn't really express my sisterly love so blatantly. I remind myself to keep my enthusiasm to myself next time.


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