Dreams: December 14

voyeurism at my re-landscaped home

I'm in the bathroom of John's house. I step into the bathtub and take a shower. When I'm done I turn off the water and step one leg out of the bathtub to reach and get a towel. Suddenly I'm straddling the smooth, round, porcelain side of the tub. The pressure feels good between my legs. I start to slide along it when I hear a noise outside. I look up and see that the bathroom window is much larger than I remember, without any curtains. I just barely see the outline of a person sitting on a nearby bench, hidden by the night's shadows, facing me in the bright bathroom. I'm flustered, and I stand up, wrapping the towel around me. The person calls out: "See? All the hedges have been cut down!" I look, and sure enough, the side of the house is now totally empty, without any bushes or trees.
I go into my bedroom and see that other parts of the house have also been changed. There's a big open window gap on the wall between my room and the living room. I look into the living room and see that the other room is now actually the kitchen, with the counter-space up against my wall. Megan is cutting vegetables at the counter.

a birthday party

NEXT, I'm in a house (John's house?) that is filled with people, absolutely packed. There are two levels in this house, and I can see up to the second floor because it has an open balcony. All of a sudden everyone starts singing Happy Birthday, and everyone's looking at me. I'm stunned. Then I wonder if this is a party to celebrate my Peace Studies Mission? No, it's a birthday party. I feel so loved to have this many people here. Everyone's looking at me. I hear a new verse to the Happy Birthday song; I look upstairs and see Sue-Z singing with a microphone in hand. The lyrics are about how she remembers when I was little and would watch Sesame Street. Now Mimi is singing with the microphone, reminiscing about when I was a young kid. It makes me feel special.
Suddenly I'm walking around the party with Phoebe. It's a huge event, complete with a carnival outside. We are outside when we see a photographer booth set up. We decide to get our pictures taken. A sign says we get 3 poloroid photos for $1.50 (or some similar deal). We get into the camping tent where we're supposed to sit. A young woman is setting up her camera in a nearby tent, where she takes the pictures from (facing the opening in our tent). Phoebe and I have changed into the provided costumes: bright neon orange & yellow swimsuits and fuzzy mittens.
Now we're sitting on the floor at the opening of our cramped tent, facing the woman photographer who's a couple yards away. She takes a few photos. Then some guy walks up and starts flirting with her. He convinces her to take some photos of him, so he's standing there while she takes his picture. We're in the background, and I'm getting very ticked off that he's interrupted us. I flip off the camera really obviously, knowing it will show up in the background of the photos. The man walks away, and I can tell the photographer is now kind of mad at me. She tells us she's going to take the last photo. She puts her fingers over the lens right when she takes the photo. I'm mad because I know she did that on purpose.
I stand up and tell her to re-take that one. She says no. I'm furious, so I call her manager over to order her to retake it. I feel condescending -- like I'm the privileged daughter of the woman who's throwing the party, part of the family that's hired this little no-brained minimum-wage teenager -- so she should listen to me. The manaager protests too at first. I tell her that the photographer put her finger over the lens when she was taking our picture, which will ruin it. The photographer denies it, so I ask her if she even knows what the lens is. She points to the little eye-window. "HA!" I bark, grabbing the camera to show her the real lens. The manager tells her to retake the picture, so Phoebe gets out of the tent, and we decide we'd rather just have the photo of us standing up, with the carnival rides in the background. Phoebe and I pose, our arms around each other as we stand there. I notice Phoebe's hair is very long and curly, poofing out in all directions. I hear someone call my name. I look over and see Miles, who looks older than I remember, like a young man, a true college student. He's on his way up to the roller coaster. Phoebe and I finally get our photo taken.


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